Fall Class Schedule

September 1st – June 6th

Recital June 7th
14 Months to 2 Year Olds
Tuesday10:15-10:45am Baby Dance with MeStudio BTBD
2 - 3 Year Olds
Thursday4:30-5:15pm Tutu's and TumbleStudio BBailey Grace
10:00-10:45amTwinkle Two'sStudio BPayton
3 - 5 Year Olds
Monday4:15-5:00pm Pre Ballet IStudio BElise
Tuesday4:45-5:30pm Pre Kinder Stars ComboStudio ABailey Grace
Wednesday4:00-4:45pmMini Cheer & TumbleStudio BCathy
Saturday9:00-10:00amPre Ballet I
Studio APayton
5 - 7 Year Olds
Monday4:45-5:30pm Hippity HopStudio ATerence
Tuesday5:30-6:30pm Pre Ballet IIStudio APayton
Wednesday4:45-5:30pm Junior Cheer & Tumble
Studio BCathy
Thursday5:15-6:00pmAll That JazzStudio BTBD
Friday4:15-5:00pmTip Tap ClassStudio ALogan
8 - 12 Year Olds
Wednesday6:30-7:30pmHip Hop IStudio ACorine
Jazz I
Studio A
Bailey Grace
Thursday6:00-7:30pmBallet I
Studio B
Thursday7:30-8:00pmPointe IStudio B
Friday 5:30-6:45pmLyrical/Contemporary IStudio BElise
Friday 5:00-6:00pmTap I
Studio ALogan
Friday4:30-5:30pmBallet IStudio BElise
12 - 18 Year Olds
Monday5:30-7:00pmBallet II & IIIStudio BElise
Monday7:00-7:30pmPoint II & IIIStudio BElise
Tuesday6:30-7:30pmHip Hop II & IIIStudio ATerence
Tap IIStudio ALogan
Thursday6:30-7:45pmJazz II & IIIStudio APayton
Friday6:45-8:00pmLyrical/Contemporary II & IIIStudio BElise
Friday 6:00-7:00pmTap II & IIIStudio ALogan
Friday7:00-8:30pmBallet II & IIIStudio APayton
Monday12:00-1:00pmAdult Tap BeginnerStudio ATBD
Monday1:00-2:00pmAdult Tap IntermediateStudio ATBD
Monday6:00-7:00pmAdult Belly DanceStudio AJackie
Monday7:30-8:30pmAdult TapStudio BSamantha
Monday7:00-8:00pmAdult BalletStudio ATerence
Monday8:00-9:00pmAdult Hip HopStudio ATerence
Irish Dance
Tuesday5:00-5:30pmBeginner I Irish DanceStudio BAndy
Tuesday5:30-6:30pmBeginner II Irish DanceStudio BAndy
Tuesday6:30-7:30pmAdult Irish DanceStudio BAndy