Fall Class Schedule 2020-2021

 New Season Begins August 2nd, 2020

18 Months to 2 Year Olds
Saturday9:00-9:30amLittle Bear FeetStudio B
2 - 3 Year Olds
Saturday9:30-10:00amTip Tap Toe & Groovy Level 1Studio B
10:00-10:30amMelody Movement Level 1Studio B
3 - 4 Year Olds
Saturday9:00-9:45amTip Tap Toe and Groovy Level 2Studio A
Saturday 9:45-10:30am Melody Movement Level 2Studio A
4-5 Year Olds
Tuesday4:00-4:45pmFirst Tap & Modern (taught in Mandarin) CLOSED until Jan.
Studio A
Tuesday4:45-5:30pmFirst Ballet (taught in Mandarin) CLOSED until Jan.Studio A
Friday4:00-4:45pmFirst Ballet (taught in Spanish)Studio A
Friday4:45-5:30pmFirst Tap & Modern (taught in Spanish)Studio A
Saturday 10:30-11:15amFirst Tap & Modern (taught in English)Studio A
Saturday 11:15-12:00pmFirst Ballet (taught in English)Studio A
5 - 7 Year Olds
Monday4:00-5:00pm Foundation Ballet Studio A
Monday5:00-6:00pm Foundation Tap & ModernStudio A
Wednesday 4:15-5:15pmHippity HopStudio A
8 - 12 Year Olds
Monday5:15-6:15pmHip Hop 1/2Studio B
Tuesday6:00-7:00pmBallet 1/2
Studio A
Wednesday 5:15-6:15pmHip Hop 1/2Studio A
Wednesday5:15-6:15pmJazz 1/2Studio B
Wednesday6:15-7:15pmTap 1/2Studio B
Thursday4:00-5:00pmPointe 1/2
Studio A
Friday5:30-6:30pmLyrical/Contemporary 1/2Studio B
12 - 18 Year Olds
Monday4:15-5:15pmHip Hop 3/4Studio B
Tuesday7:00-8:00pmBallet 3/4Studio A
Tap 3/4Studio B
Wednesday6:15-7:15pmHip Hop 3/4Studio A
Thursday5:00-6:00pmPointe 3/4Studio A
Thursday5:00-6:15pm Jazz 3/4Studio B
Thursday6:15-7:30pmModern 3/4Studio B
Friday6:30-7:45pmLyrical/Contemporary 3/4Studio B
Monday6:00-7:00pmAdult Belly Dance Studio A
Tuesday7:30-8:30pmAdult TapStudio B
Wednesday7:15-8:15pmAdult Hip HopStudio A
Thursday7:30-8:30pmAdult Ballet Studio A
Thursday 7:30-8:30pmAdult Modern Studio B
Thursday8:45-10:00pmCompanyStudio B
Irish Dance
Monday6:30-8:00pmNovice IrishStudio BAndy/Dan/Katie
Tuesday4:30-5:00pmBeginner 1 IrishStudio BAndy/Dan/Katie
Tuesday5:00-6:00pmBeginner 2 Irish Studio BAndy/Dan/Katie
Tuesday5:00-6:30pmAdvanced Beginner Studio BAndy/Dan/Katie
Friday3:45-4:45pmBeginner 2 Irish Studio BAndy/Dan/Katie
Additional Classes
Saturday 11:00-12:00pmMoving Together/Diverse Abilities (ages 5-12)Postponed Until Further Notice