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Radhika Sachdev

In 2005 I was introduced to yoga by a friend. Little did I know it was going to change my life for the better.  The mat became my sacred place and took me on a 16 year journey.  My journey led me to Republic of Yoga in Cary, NC in 2019 where I trained under my phenomenal teacher, Nicole Nichols.

In my almost year-long training, I was forced to sit in my silence and to really listen. Silence can be a scary place for many people because it forces you to do the necessary work. The work only brings you closer to your core or your center. Taking the time to really understand who you are at the end of the day not only changes you but changes your relationships. Yoga is not about the perfect pose or even how flexible you are–it is what you learn about yourself while your breath is guiding you into your pose. You learn resilience when you fall out of a pose and get back in.  You learn strength while balancing in a pose. You learn calmness while sitting in a pose.   When your feet touch the mat every practice is a new beginning. A chance to restart and learn something new about yourself.

After finishing my adult certification I decided to become certified as a kids yoga instructor and obtained my certification through Growga in Chapel Hill, NC.  When I worked for a nonprofit years ago I was working with at risk youth in schools, alternative schools, juvenile detention centers, and afterschool programs.  I continue to teach kids today and in my opinion yoga is an excellent tool for kids to have access to whenever they need it. Yoga can teach kids to take that important pause before they react. It can teach them kindness, compassion, empathy, courage, strength and love. All of these values will not only help them, but will also aid them in having good relationships with themselves and others.

I hope to see you all soon in my classes!