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Royal Grace Academy of Dance

Royal Grace Academy of Dance is a family owned and operated small business serving The Triangle, Chatham County, and Chapel Hill. We are committed to customer service and creating a positive and pleasant learning experience for children in our community. Our teachers are very dedicated and as the Chatham area grows, we will continue to provide safe educational programs to the children and adults of our area.

We not only specialize in all forms of dance plus acrobatics and tumbling, we specialize in Chatham County children. We recognize the parents in this area are educated, motivated and strive for the best for themselves and their children.

Royal Grace also provides additional benefits to the children which parents appreciate such as, self- confidence, time management, leadership skills plus new friendships with children from different schools in a happy and comfortable environment.

With contagious energy, movement and strength, our programs focus on the mastery of fundamentals, individual expression and creative movement. We offer a unique combination of excellence, quality and state-of-the-art instruction within a creative and fun environment.

Our students have the opportunity to fully explore the worlds of dance and its many influences. Their minds and bodies are exposed to a world full of inspiration and physical exercise. Dance not only provides physical exertion, it also teaches self-discipline and commitment which builds upon skills that will last a lifetime.

We provide small classes with a traditional approach, which is up close and personal attention to dance through the exploration of choreography and performance technique. We build upon natural talents that students already possess by refining their technique, building skill levels and enhancing coordination through exciting routines that challenge the students.

Class Updates — Monday Sept. 27 – Friday October 1st

There are no new updates! Classes as scheduled.

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  • Children ages 5-12 with diverse physical and cognitive abilities or special needs are free to explore their love of dance in this fun-filled class each Saturday morning. Learn more here: Diverse Abilities Class...

  • From October 31st through December 1st we are offering FREE Registration worth $40.00* *Terms and conditions apply...

  • Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in touch with latest offers, classes and announcements! We’re on Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to you joining us on this wonderful journey....

Mission Statement

Our Corporate mission is simple, To Be the Best

To our parents

we will provide a safe and wholesome program which will insure your child has a positive learning experience.

To our students

we will help develop your mind, your body and your spirit using dance as our vehicle. The body will be through physical exercise, the mind through creative movement and concentration, and the spirit through self-discipline which all of our programs promote. It is our vocation to have our students develop a positive attitude and good citizenship using our staff as role models.

Keys to Success

Royal Grace keys to success include: creating a positive influence in the community, competitive pricing and flexible hours, an experienced, motivated and educated staff and a personal relationship with our students and parents.